10 Things to Know If You’re Getting a Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you desire to change your breast cup size through breast augmentation surgery, here are 10 things you should know:


There Are Two Types of Breast Implants


Breast implants are silicone shells filled with either saline or a cohesive silicone gel. Saline is simply salty water.


Saline implants are cheaper than silicone implants. But, people say that saline implants are more visible under the skin than silicone implants. You may also feel the water sloshing as you move about.


Silicone implants appear firmer on the skin. The silicone resembles human fat. They are said to look more natural under the skin.


Your taste, aesthetic goals, and finances should guide your choice between the two.


The Filling of the Implants Is Safe


Both gel and saline implants are safe. In the unlikely event the saline starts to leak from the silicone bag, the body absorbs the saline. The gel is medical grade and relatively safe.


You Can Try a Few Breast Sizes Before You Settle on One


You don’t have to wait until the surgery is done to see how you look with a particular size. You can experiment before the surgery using “sizers.” Sizers are neoprene sacks filled with beads. You stuff them inside your bra, and you get a picture of how you would look with breasts of particular sizes.


There Are Some Requirements for the Surgery


If you smoke, are overweight, or your family has a strong history of breast cancer, breast augmentation is not for you. These factors increase risks and may complicate surgery. The outcome of the surgery may fail to reach your expectations too.


It’s Better to Have the Surgery After Having Children


Pregnancy and breastfeeding cause many physical and hormonal changes that could undo the results of breast augmentation. Your breasts may change in shape and volume. So, it’s better to have your implants after you’re done bearing and breastfeeding your children. This way, the results of the surgery are long-term.


Preparation Before the Surgery Is Critical


During the consultation, the plastic surgeon gives you instructions to guide you in preparation for surgery. They include:


  • Avoid smoking for a specific time before and after surgery.

  • Avoid food and alcohol on the night before your procedure.

  • Let someone accompany you so they can drive you home after surgery.

  • Carry warm and comfortable clothing.


Avoid Rigorous Exercise, Like Cardio, Right After the Surgery


You must heal first before engaging in rigorous exercise. The waiting period is 12 weeks. In the meantime, do some light exercises, but only a week after the procedure.


Bigger Is Not Always Better


Sometimes, going bigger doesn’t guarantee better results. Every breast has a pocket that dictates the maximum volume it can accommodate comfortably. Going against these limits may risk undesired effects. So, make your desire known to the surgeon, but let them guide you on the implant size that suits you. You will have long-lasting results, and you will like them.


Your Increase Needs to Be Gradual


If you desire a large cup size, you must work toward it gradually. You cannot go from small to large in one surgery. Your body and skin need time to adjust to the shifting sizes. So, let your surgeon know of your desire, then plan a surgery schedule that gives your skin time to stretch and grow. It could take a couple of years.


To learn more about what to expect with breast augmentation surgery, contact Dr. Restivo at Restivo Plastic Surgery, Inc. in Wailuku, Hawaii at 808-204-4800 to request an appointment.

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