Your Top Plastic Surgery Questions—Answered

Undergoing plastic surgery is a life-changing event. The only thing that’s probably on your mind when you decide to have one is how it will dramatically improve your appearance. But the procedure is a big decision to make as it will alter your body and potentially affect other aspects of your life forever. Aside from the expense, you have to consider the risks, recovery, and viability. Are you wondering what to expect from this surgical specialty? Here are some of the answers to your top plastic surgery questions:


  1. Is It Safe? Thousands of people undergo plastic surgery each year without any complications. But no surgical operation is entirely risk-free. To ensure safety and get the desired results, see to it that your plastic surgeon is board-certified and has a proven track record in his craft. Their surgical facility should also have proper accreditation. Another way to mitigate any risks is by thoroughly discussing your medical history with your surgeon. This is essential in determining whether your body can handle the procedure. It also allows them to plan for any possible complications.


  1. Will There Be Scars? Scarring is inevitable each time your doctor makes an incision in your body. But a highly-skilled plastic surgeon will know how to minimize the scar’s size and appearance. They can do this by making incisions in areas that can be camouflaged by your body’s natural lines or hidden by clothing. There are also modern techniques that use tiny cuts, resulting in considerably smaller scars than other methods. Nevertheless, even if you have noticeable scarring, it should fade over time with a proper post-operative regimen.


  1. Will I Still Look Like Myself? The goal of plastic surgery is to help you become a better version of yourself. With careful planning and understanding of your needs and expectations, your surgeon should be able to provide you with the most natural-looking results. One-on-one consultation before your operation is crucial in creating your individualized treatment plan. A qualified plastic surgeon with years of experience should help you achieve your aesthetic goals while preserving the features that make you who you are.


  1. What Can I Expect During the Recovery Phase? Every patient tolerates pain in different ways. Your plastic surgeon should prescribe the appropriate medications to minimize any discomfort and combat infection. The length of your recovery will depend on the type of plastic surgery you’ve underdone and which part of your body you were treated. The extent of the procedure and your body’s healing capability also matter. Immediate recovery generally takes a week or two. Most patients who follow their doctor’s post-op instructions can return to their routine after a month or so.


  1. Will the Results Last? Plastic surgery is effective in enhancing a person’s appearance. But it cannot reverse the aging process. The procedures involved may make you look younger and leaner. But it’s not the fountain of youth. You must have realistic expectations of the treatments you will undergo. After your surgery, understand that you will continue to see signs of aging as the years go by. To get the best results, you have to stay out of the sun and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Do you have more questions about plastic surgery? At Restivo Plastic Surgery Inc., our team of experts can discuss the procedure you plan on having, what is involved, and any concerns you may have. Call our clinic at 808-204-4800 in Maui, Hawaii, today to schedule your consultation.

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